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We help you beat burnout

Bobby is an AI that talks you through CBT inspired techniques to help you cope with workplace stress. It’s just like talking to a supportive coach on WhatsApp.


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"BobbyChat is freaking AMAZING.  Just tried it out a bit this AM as well and was shocked at how it really expanded my thinking about a belief or problem. And it  didn't feel robotic at all.”

Invest in your relationship with yourself

High flying women have a tendency to put others first, but in doing so, we can sometimes neglect our relationship with ourselves.  Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, people pleasing…. these traits that drive success can also get in the way of achieving your full potential and put you at risk of burnout.

BobbyChat has tools developed specifically by a doctor and trained therapist to help you to achieve better self talk, set goals, make difficult decisions, role play tricky conversations, reframe your thoughts, remove self blame, break the cycle of rumination, and much more! 

Smiling Woman
Smiling Woman

Improve your wellbeing and performance at work 

Elevate your professional journey with BobbyChat, the on-demand 24/7 wellness companion, that empowers women in the workplace with the skills to make work life work for them. BobbyChat offers empowering coaching techniques and talking therapies not only to navigate workplace challenges and combat burnout, but also to fuel your personal and professional growth, surpass your goals, and create a kick-ass career.

It's tough being a professional woman in the modern workplace. 

We get it. 

So we’ve specifically built a wellbeing & coaching app focused on helping women navigate workplace challenges.

At BobbyChat, we understand the unique challenges that women and other under-represented groups in the workplace face, which put women at higher risk of the effects of work stress and burnout.  We can’t teach you how to control your environment, but by using our wellbeing and coaching app, you will learn the skills to make space for all the hard stuff that’s outside of your direct control, and take action to create a more fulfilled career and happier life.

  • What things can BobbyChat help with?
    At BobbyChat, we understand the challenges of navigating work stress. Our app is your dedicated workplace wellbeing coach, here to guide you through a journey of self-care and personal growth. We can help you manage stress, set meaningful daily goals, and even practice positive self-talk through our cheerlead feature. With insights drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy and coaching, we're here to empower you with the skills to prevent burnout and find confidence in your professional journey.
  • How do I sign up?
    Follow this link,, enter your email address and WhatsApp phone number (including area code) and press the green button. This will connect you directly to Bobby and you can start your first session.
  • Is Bobby an AI?
    Yes. Bobby is a carefully crafted AI designed to guide you step-by-step through different skills to help you deal with workplace stress.
  • How do I start a conversation with BobbyChat?
    If you have already signed up to BobbyChat you can initiate a conversation by opening WhatsApp and sending any message to Bobby. Checkout our walk through on Instagram:
  • What happens during a session with Bobby?
    Once you've initiated a conversation on WhatsApp, Bobby will present you with a range of skill options to choose from. These skills are drawn from both therapy and coaching practices. Once you've made your selection, Bobby will lead you through the skill of your choice using a series of thoughtful questions, guiding you step-by-step. These skill sessions are designed to be time-efficient, taking just a few minutes to complete. Currently, the available skills encompass reflection, goal setting, and cultivating a positive self-attitude. We're continually dedicated to enhancing our offerings to provide you with even more valuable tools for your personal and professional growth. If you have any feedback, Toni and Claire would love to hear from you. You can message and we will response promptly.
  • What skills can Bobby teach me?
    Bobby provides you with skills you can practice in the moment when stressors occur. For example, a big presentation, some negative feedback or work overload. But also teaches you longer term strategies for managing stress. The skills we teach are inspired by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Each of these are evidence based talking therapies used for treating and preventing burnout. Skill you can practice in the moment are: Reflect Inspired by a core practice in CBT and our most popular feature, Reflect, helps you identify unhelpful distortions in your thinking and see the problem from a different perspective. This skill can be helpful if you are having a difficult day at work or receive some bad news. Release and Focus Inspired by the “Sphere of Control” method, Release and Focus, helps you identify what is both within and outside of your control. Bobby helps you focus your energy on what you are able to control and release what is outside of your control. This skill can be helpful when you feel overwhelmed. Cheerlead A skill often taught by coaches to encourage positive self-talk. This skill will give you an instant confidence boost. Individuals have participated in over 130 Positive Self-Talk sessions. The Cheerleader is helpful if you are feeling like an imposter. SMART Goal Setting Mastering this skill will allow you to set Specific, Measured, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound goals – a great way to get something ticked off your To Do list. Skills that offer longer term support for stress management include: Daily Gratitude If gratitude was a pill we would be prescribing it to everyone! Those that practice gratitude regularly report better mental and emotional wellbeing, they have better relationships, they exercise more and have fewer trips to the doctor. We designed this skill to help you establish a regular gratitude practice and experience the benefits for yourself. Bobby gives you a simple gratitude prompt to respond to. The prompts change on a daily basis and encourage deeper reflection than simple gratitude lists. Boundary Challenge This multi-day challenge helps you identify where your boundaries are being crossed and teaches you Empathetic Assertiveness to help you manage expectations, maintain your boundaries and ask for reasonable adjustments at work. Each stage builds on the skills and tools used in the previous. Expect videos, quizzes, skills building and even a guided self compassion exercise along the way!
  • When should I talk to Bobby?
    You can connect with BobbyChat whenever you feel the need for guidance, support, or a boost in your workplace wellbeing. Whether you're facing stress, seeking to enhance your confidence, or striving to prevent burnout, BobbyChat is here for you. Reach out during moments of uncertainty, before important tasks, or simply when you're ready to invest in your personal and professional growth. BobbyChat is your on-demand workplace wellbeing coach, available to empower you whenever you need it most.
  • Are my conversations with Bobby confidential?
    Yes! At BobbyChat we take data privacy very seriously. Any data we collect from your conversations, for example the rating you gave Bobby at the end of your session, is anonymised, stored temporarily and is only ever used to improve our service. Only team members with a legitimate business purpose will have access to the limited data we collect. We do not sell your data to any 3rd parties. If you have any concerns or questions relating to data privacy please reach out to Toni, without any hesitation, Toni will be very happy to hear from you; we are building this product for you and it is important to us that you are comfortable with our data policies.
  • Who are the team behind BobbyChat?
    BobbyChat has been founded by Toni and Claire, two professional women who are passionate about workplace wellbeing and combating burnout. Toni is the tech genius and Claire is the wellbeing expert. Together, they bring together the very best talent to empower women to take control of their wellbeing, and to help solve the problem of burnout.
  • How can I submit feedback to the team?
    We are Toni and Claire and we are building this product for you! We want to hear from you. If you have any feedback big or small, good or bad please let us know. You can message Toni directly at and you should receive an quick response. Please note that we are based in the UK so may be slow to respond to messages after 10:00pm GMT. If you would like to share your feedback with others you can also post on our social media:
  • When should I not use Bobby?
    Bobby should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical condition including but not limited to depression and anxiety. For this please seek professional help. You many find this link helpful
  • I need additional medical or psychological support, where can I go?
    If you feel you need additional medical or psychological support, please reach out to any of the following services or organisations: For all: 111 or 999 - If you are in crisis or feel unsafe or at risk to yourself or others, then you should contact 111/999, your own GP or attend your nearest Emergency Department/A&E as soon as possible. ​ The Samaritans: 0161 236 8000 (local call charges apply) or 116 123 (free to call) can also provide confidential support and are open 24 hours a day. For healthcare professionals: NHS Practitioner Health - Practitioner Health is a free, confidential NHS primary care mental health and addiction service with expertise in treating health & care professionals. BMA Wellbeing Services - includes a confidential 24/7 counselling line, and peer support service for all doctors and medical students.. BMA members, plus their partners and dependents (aged 16-24 in full-time education), can also access a free structured course of up to six sessions of therapy with a counsellor.  Doctors In Distress- a Uk based charity that promotes and protects the mental health of all healthcare workers, and prevents suicides in the healthcare profession. They run a range of programmes that are free to attend.
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