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Meet the co-founders of BobbyChat

Meet the co-founders of BobbyChat, Dr Toni Creswell and Dr Claire Ashley

Both Toni and Claire intimately understand the devastating effects of workplace burnout. Driven by their passion to make a difference, and first hand experience, they founded Bobby to help empower and upskill women with everything that is needed to help navigate the specific workplace challenges that women face.

Meet Toni (she/her):

Toni is the brain behind the tech that BobbyChat runs on.  She is a research scientist with 10 years of machine learning experience, including completing a PhD in Deep Learning at Imperial College London and working at Google DeepMind for 4+ years.  She is the author of 25+ papers.  

Toni’s passion for solving workplace problems for women began when working as the Diversity and Inclusion lead for her team.  She saw how women’s mental health and careers were disproportionately affected by workplace problems.  As her peers increasingly turned to her for advice, she realised that she had the skills to be able to develop a tool to help - and the idea for BobbyChat was formed! 

Outside of work, Toni is a keen climber and coffee lover.  She is happiest spending time by the sea with her partner! 

Meet Claire (she/her):


Claire is the burnout expert at BobbyChat. She is a doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience, with a background in neuroscience and public health. She is a NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, formerly a tutor at the University of Bristol Medical School, and is a trained Acceptance and Commitment Therapist.

Claire’s passion for solving burnout for women began with her own lived experience of burnout. After this devastating experience, she documented her recovery journey onInstagram and Substack. She is now considered a world leading expert on burnout prevention and recovery. She is thrilled to be a member of the BobbyChat team and to be part of building a tool to significantly impact the mental health of women in the workplace.

Outside of work, Claire can be found with her stuntman husband (yes, really!) and their 2 children renovating their house. She loves to spend time on the coast and is a keen sewist!

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