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Buy a three month pass to BobbyChat and get one month for just 10p.

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Give the gift of wellbeing this festive season.

If you would like to gift someone a subscription to BobbyChat this festive season please contact us at and we'll prepare a special gift for you.


Journaling has never been more accessible. You can choose to journal by topics, including self-care, workplace problems, gratitude, and many others; or choose to free style. Bobby will ask you questions as you go to help you dig deeper into your thoughts and help you unburden your mind.

Release and focus

If you ever feel powerless at work or in life, this is the tool for you.  Sometimes we cannot control everything and in trying to we can waste a lot of energy. Bobby can help you recognise and release things outside of your control and focus your energy on what you can control.


Inspired by a core practice in CBT, Bobby will help you take a step back and gently challenge distortions in your thinking; helping you to take a step back and see the problem from a different perspective. Bobby will always take your side and will help you reflect when things feel overwhelming.

So much more to come...

We are just getting started and there are many more features to come to help you manage your stress at work.

If there's a problem you are having in the workplace that's not covered by these tools send us and email at and we'll add something for you.

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