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The Six Workplace Factors That Cause Burnout

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Over the next 6 weeks here at BobbyChat we are going to be focusing on the six workplace factors that cause burnout, and what you can do to try to tackle them.

In a recent Instagram poll, over 80% of you told us that you are not aware of the six workplace factors that put you at risk of burnout.

Burnout can be caused by as little as just one of these factors. That’s right, just one. That’s all it takes.

The six factors are:

1. Workload - do you feel that your work is pleasantly challenging, or it is persistently overwhelming?

When you have a workload that matches your capacity, you can effectively get your work done, have opportunities for rest and recovery, and find time for professional growth and development. When you consistently feel overloaded, these opportunities to restore balance are harder to make time for.

2. Control, or lack of perceived control - do you feel that you have autonomy and influence over how you work?

When you are not able to make decisions for yourself. For example, when you lack autonomy, you don’t have access to the resources you need, or you don’t get a say on decisions that impact your professional life, this can take a toll on your wellbeing. If this becomes persistent then you can be at risk of burnout.

3. Reward - do you feel rewarded by your work?

Reward isn’t just purely about how much you get paid. It also includes aspects of work such as getting positive feedback and being supported to develop professionally and being given opportunities. If you’re not consistently getting this reward, then you may be at risk of burnout.

4. Community - how supportive and safe is your work community?

Feeling supported at work by peers, colleagues and managers is absolutely essential for effective burnout prevention.

5. Fairness- do you feel that your employer treats you fairly?

Being treated fairly and equitably goes a long way to preventing burnout. Being treated fairly and equitably means you are offered the same opportunities as everyone else, the same financial reward, and that you’re listened to and your ideas matter.

6. Values mismatch- do your personal values align with the values of the organisation you work for? Do you feel valued by your employer?

If your personal values align well with the organisation you work for, this can help prevent burnout. Having your values constantly challenged can be a risk factor for burnout.

(source: Maslach, multiple studies).

Women are often disproportionately negatively affected by these workplace factors, and we are committed to empowering women with the skills they need to navigate these challenges.

In the coming weeks, we are going to be exploring these factors in more detail, and we’ll be rolling out features on BobbyChat to tie in with this. We’ll be sharing more on Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you are already signed up to BobbyChat don’t forget that you can open up WhatsApp at any time that you need support. If you haven’t yet connected to Bobby, simply click the button below.

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