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Did you know that there are seven different types of boundaries?

The brand new boundaries journey is arriving soon on BobbyChat!

Bobby's first multi-step journey will guide you through everything that you need to know about your boundaries, and how to ensure that you are able to thrive, achieve and succeed at work whilst asserting your boundaries empathetically. It’s a misconception that asserting your boundaries means being unpleasant, the main character, or saying no to everything, but luckily that’s not the case! You can still be successful and achieve at work with boundaries- in fact your boundaries are a critical tool to enable you to do this!

Delivered in 10 easily digestible bite sized stages, the journey takes you through all of the essentials, including what boundaries are, where they come into play, and how to learn empathetic assertion skills.

In addition to the videos, quizzes and skills learning in BobbyChat we have also written a series of blogs to go alongside them for additional learning and information.

The first stage of the journey in WhatsApp has a short video to explain what boundaries are, and a quiz to help you identify how healthy your boundaries are right now.

Simply put, your boundaries are the limits and rules you set for yourself within your personal and professional relationships. When you are faced with requests or demands for your time or your energy, that is when your boundaries come into play. Boundaries help you stay safe physically and psychologically, they help focus on what's most important, and they improve relationships by creating clear expectations and responsibilities. You alone set your boundaries, but they will be dynamic and flexible depending on the circumstances you’re in and the people you’re with.

There are 7 types of boundaries, including: physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial and time.

Read the different types and think about how each different type of boundary is coming into play in your work life, and whether those boundaries are currently working for you!

Physical - protecting your physical space and your body

Sexual - protecting your right to consent and levels of intimacy

Emotional/Mental - protecting your right to have your own feelings and thoughts and to not have them criticized or invalidated.

Spiritual - protecting your right to worship as you wish, and practice your spiritual or religious beliefs

Intellectual- protecting your thoughts and ideas

Financial/Material - protecting your financial resources and possessions

Time - protecting how you spend your time

To find out how healthy your boundaries are currently, sign up to BobbyChat for free and start your empowered journey to making your work life work for you!

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