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How and why we use AI to help women!

Updated: Sep 7

“Could you do a post/story on why an AI chatbot can help. I’m unsure of the role of the AI tool” (original question edited for clarity and anonymity)

Thank you for asking your question and for asking about the use of AI in BobbyChat. We totally understand that public awareness and understanding of what AI is and its applications is still in relatively early stages. Therefore it’s important to be open and honest about the technology that we’re using, and why we’re using it.

Coming from a medical background, for our co-founder Claire it has been a steep learning curve getting to grips with the technology involved too, and her questions at the start of her journey with BobbyChat were very similar!

What the data tells us about perception of AI is that people trust AI more than they would an in person therapist or doctor. This is because AI is perceived to be non judgemental as compared to a human being [1].

If you are finding things hard at work and you need someone to talk to, it might be difficult or psychologically unsafe to offload onto a peer or colleague. If you want to speak to a trained psychologist or doctor, often you have to wait days, but sometimes weeks and occasionally even months. With BobbyChat, you don’t have to wait and there are few barriers to access- because we use AI you can access support any time you need, available 24/7 on WhatsApp.

We deliver interventions via chat based conversations, which means you interact with the AI in a very natural way, without fear of stigma or judgement. Bobby is always on your side and will always have your back! Furthermore, we take your data privacy very seriously and we will never sell your data. Your conversations with Bobby are confidential.

We are not just using AI for mental wellbeing and support, but we’re also using it to help women develop the essential skills they need to make their lives work for them, such as goal setting, learning positive self talk, and setting boundaries. Bobby will always give you small but actionable and impactful advice about how to make changes to create a kick-ass career and thrive in your personal life!

[1] Ayers et al, JAMA Internal Medicine (2023)

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