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BobbyChat can help the majority of your workforce by providing AI-led, on demand coaching support at an affordable cost

The consequences of unsuccesfully managed stress at work are devastating:

88% of UK employees have experienced at least some level of burnout over the last two years, with one third claiming to suffer from physical and mental exhaustion frequently due to pressures within the workplace [1].


The cost to businesses and organisations is huge:

The cost of poor health due to absenteeism, presenteeism and attrition is £4,000-£12,000 per employee [3]

The impact of burnout on the individual and businesses:

The majority of your workforce needs support to manage work stress

A burnt out employee needs an average of 3.5 months off sick and a 1-3 year recovery period [2] 

75 out of every 100 employees need mental health support and coaching but will not reach the threshold for formal psychological support  [4] 

If you’d like more information about how BobbyChat can help your workforce, get in touch today.

Why choose BobbyChat?

Prevention of burnout is better than cure!   BobbyChat empowers your employees to actively take steps to manage work stress in two ways. 

First, your employees can access tools to help in the moment that they feel stressed and overwhelmed. 

Second, they can also learn skills to help with stress management and resilience outside of feeling overwhelmed in the moment.

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Improved engagement 

People are more likely to seek the help they need from an AI because it removes stigma, whilst still delivering good quality advice and being more empathetic than human interaction [5].  

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Confidentiality and safety

Conversations with Bobby are confidential.  

We use signposting to additional medical and psychological support as appropriate.  

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Time efficiency

It takes between 1-3 minutes on average for your employee to have an impactful conversation with Bobby.  

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Because we use AI, our solution is scalable and affordable

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Ease of accessibility

The barriers to access BobbyChat are low- all your employees need is to be able to access WhatsApp either on their smartphones or on their laptops

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Cost effective

For every £1 employers spend on employee wellbeing, they will see a £5 return [6].  There's no need to pay for a therapist.  BobbyChat is significantly cheaper than one to one therapyand yet still delivers the essential support your employees require. 

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[6] Deloitte: Mental health and employers, Refreshing the case for investment, January 2020

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